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About the Author and Book

Kenny Mauck, author of “Leaving your Life Imprint” is a speaker, writer, founder of two legacy non-profit organizations, ordained minister, singer, and song writer.  He is one who believes everyone’s life story is significant, redeemable, empowered, and cherished by God. Kenny uses the term in his book, “Keeper of the Story” as a reminder that we as parents, uncles, aunts, and grandparents have a duty to pass on to our children and loved ones a heritage of faith, hope, and love. As a result, Kenny’s book is filled with amazing stories of affirmation as evidenced by well-kept memorable letters and pictures.

Kenny wrote this inspired story “Leaving your Life Imprint” as a result of two primary epiphany moments.

First Epiphany

The first one came as a result of a sermon entitled, “a BIG HARY AUDICOUS GOAL” (BHAG) from his Pastor, L.H Hardwick. This inspired sermon reminded him it was time to keep his promise to Carlos, a 9-year-old inner city child, abandoned by his mother, found alone and traumatized physically and emotionally. In order to accomplish this huge promise, he knew it would take an army of professional caregivers. These professional would he hired, included many highly trained therapist, case managers, psychiatric and medical personnel, and safe homes in an effort to help children like “Carlos” happening over and over again. Most of the individuals hired were people of faith, which was important, in that was the foundation of how LifeCare was birthed in the first place.

Kenny has done his best in keeping that promise by offering mental health and housing services to over 100,000 of Tennessee’s most vulnerable and at-risk children and adults. With the help of a great leadership team of Sean McPherson and Jim Carter and many hundreds of great employees over the last 22 years Kenny and his wife Raye Ann’s mission has come true and continues to this day!

Second Epiphany

The second inspirational epiphany was when Kenny and his wife finished their “legal Will”.  Although initially feeling good about its completion, on his way home something was still missing.  This something was his personal and ancestral story. He knew very little about the entire scope of his story and family heritage. Therefore, he had little to pass on to his children but things that ultimately wouldn’t matter much. Over the next three years he was able through research sites, parents, and older adults to assemble his story, not just a story, but an amazing chronicle he never knew existed before.  As he began to put the generational pieces all together what emerged was a great movie like story line, one that emerged all the way back to 1707 from his sixth generational grandfather.

Now having finished the book, Kenny can’t wait to share it with his friends, family, fellow entrepreneurs, leaders, pastors, musicians, counselors, medical staff, singers, song artist, and athletic coaches. This story includes Kenny’s experiences of risk in his business ventures and in/life issues that includes addressing, loss, exploration, joy,  addictions, repentance, reconciliation by making amends, and helping one to freedom by erasing old negative reels of rejection.  Kenny also shares the touching stories his children, grandchildren and friends appreciate as to the issues he never before shared regarding his own childhood fears and years growing up due to early illness that fed on those worried concerns.  His message to everyone is this, we are losing our sense of story. Kids want to hear inspired stories that they can bond and embrace as part of their own legacy. More than toys, games, money, wealth, fame, or possessions that soon are no more.  We must help our children find their heritage and write their own chapters of unknown treasured stories. His call, we need to be “keepers of our cherished family Stories”, or we will lose them.

About the Author

  • Kenny & Raye

    Kenny & Raye

  • Publisher, Michelle with co-writer, Alison Stevens, and Ken Abraham, NY times best selling author

    Publisher, Michelle with co-writer, Alison Stevens, and Ken Abraham, NY times best selling author

  • Florida Beach is my favorite vacationplace. (left-to-right) Kelsey, Michael, Megan's husband, Cooper, Megan, baby Gracelyn, Easton, Landon, Raye, and Kenny.

    Florida Beach is my favorite vacationplace. (left-to-right) Kelsey, Michael, Megan’s husband, Cooper, Megan, baby Gracelyn, Easton, Landon, Raye, and Kenny.

  • Kenny & Daughter

    Kenny & Daughter

  • Butch and Melanie Leix long time friends from Michigan.

    Butch and Melanie Leix long time friends from Michigan.

  • Mauck family friends from Tennessee bunco marriage party.

    Mauck family friends from Tennessee bunco marriage party.

  • Mauck family reunion 2005

    Mauck family reunion 2005

Kenny, his wife Raye Ann, and youngest daughter Kelsey, studying to be a speech pathologist live 35 miles south of Nashville, surrounded by the beautiful rolling hills of Tennessee.  Kenny’s oldest son Landon, is a senior care administrator, and his middle daughter has been a teacher for 10 years and has three children.  Identical twins, Easton and Cooper eight, and youngest daughter Gracelyn who is two.

Kenny still enjoys running, playing golf, walking, hiking, and plans to begin riding a 10 speed this spring.   In terms of his favorite football team, hands down, he’s a huge fan of the LSU Tigers which represents his allegiance to the city and state where he was born. Lake Charles, LA.

But none of these things compare to his deepest love in life, his commitment and love to Jesus Christ, his family, and dear friends.  These are ones he calls, the true riches and wealth of his life.

Please contact Kenny Mauck via e-mail should you desire him to speak an inspirational speaker for your business, church, university, school, or conference in terms of the power of story and it motivational impact. Write Kenny at, or Leave message at 615-781-0555 so we can return your call.

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